beer menu

crust bread and lard on the table to greet


King Pilsener 0,2l from barrel enriched with sparkling sparkling wine


Red mullet in salad bed with orange Benedictine cream with a small freshly tapped Benedictine light 0.3l from the barrel


Clear potato soup in Th. König Kellerbier Zwickelsud and crispy filling with a small Th. König Kellerbier 0,3l on tap


In Benediktiner Weizen marinierte Spanferkelkeule auf Rahmsauerkraut und Apfel-Kartoffelknödeln mit einem kleinen Benediktiner Weißbier 0,3l vom Fass


Cherry sorbet in Köstritzer caramel foam and brittle with a small Köstritzer black beer 0,2l on tap

29,90€ per person*

Craftbeer Tasting

For interested people we offer a Craftbeer tasting after the beer menu.

Craft plant Holy Cowl - Craft plant Hop Head Ipa - Craft plant Tanegrine Dream - Craft plant Mad Callista - Craft plant Dark Season

each 0,1l poured out of bottle for 9,90€ per person*

* Not everyday

Our beer menu and the optional tasting of craft beers takes place every Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00. Please reserve a seat in advance. The beer menu, respectively the craft beer tasting is inclusive of the indicated drinks. All other drinks will be charged after consumption.