Offener Brief

Unser Geschäftsführer Alexander Scharf hat einen offenen Brief mit dem Titel "Politik ohne Plan" verfasst, in dem er über die aktuelle Situation schreibt.

offener Brief

Dear guests

whoever does something good for others is demonstrably happier!

Under this motto you are always a guest of the Team Gastro Urban, in your public living rooms and bedrooms in the city. We want to do our part to make you feel more comfortable in our beautiful Goslar.

To this end, we offer you the breaks in your everyday life, the sight and being seen, the enjoyment, the sociability and the comfort in our rooms.

Have a good time with us!

Your Team Gastro Urban

Es geht wieder los!

Wir können Hygiene und kümmern uns intensiv darum, so dass alle Gäste bei uns sicher sind. Also lasst uns wieder möglichst viel Normalität zurückerobern und zusehen, dass wir gesund in die nächsten Phasen mit mehr Lockerungen kommen!

Euer Team Gastro Urban

aktuelles Hygienekonzept

German cuisine in a modern guise

An inn is traditionally the central meeting place within a community where people meet to exchange news and village gossip. With our Wildfang we invite you to our modern interpretation of a classic inn. Here we cook strong but also light dishes for you and change the menu more often to be able to offer you more freshness and variety.

We are always there for you.

You will find our opening hours here.

In our other shops we offer you even more variety: In Tim's there are cool burgers and our famous currywurst. In Restaurant Schiefer we present you our great love: The steaks. Delicious coffee specialities, freshly baked sponge cake, our ILOVEGOSLAR almonds and Italian ice cream are available at mycoffee in the Kaiserpassage.

If that's not enough for you, have a look at our page of Gastro Urban GmbH. Here you can find all news about our shops and our actions.

Our beer competence

A tidy pub also needs beer, of course. That's why we have selected six different types of beer from the barrel, as well as many other beers from the bottle for you. You are welcome to get to know this selection better in the course of the beer menu or to taste your favourite beer evening after evening.

That's delicious!

Take a look at our current menu. We are very sure that there is something for you and look forward to your visit!

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