Beer Legend

Dear guests,

an inn is traditionally the central meeting place within a community where people meet to exchange news and village gossip. With our "Wildfang" we invite you to our modern interpretation of a classic inn. Here we cook strong but also light dishes for you and change the menu more often to be able to offer you more freshness and variety.

A tidy pub also needs beer, of course. That's why we have selected six different types of beer from the barrel and many more from the bottle for you. You are welcome to get to know this selection better in the course of our beer menu or to taste your favourite beer evening after evening. With our wild catch beer legend we would like to support you in getting to know each other and give you some useful facts about our beers.

König Pilsener

And now a king! In the year 1858 Theodor König founded the König-Brauerei in the Lower Rhine community of Beeck, between Duisburg and Wesel. At a time when people still swore by simple, top-fermented beers, he decided - against the "trend" of his time - for the elaborate Pilsen brewing method. To date, Pils has developed from 206 HL to one of the most successful beers with an annual production of 2.9 million HL of the Bitburger Brewery Group as a whole. The Bitburger brewery group also includes our other beers.

Master wort: 11.3 %
Alcohol: 4.9 vol.%

By the way: Our beer and tavern has a strong relationship to the König Pilsener beer houses, so that we feel very committed to this beer.

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Benediktiner Hell

Benediktiner Hell is a typical Bavarian lager beer. It has a golden yellow colour, a pleasant malt sweetness and less hop bitterness. Benedictine beers can refer to the centuries-old tradition and knowledge of the monastery Ettal. Knowledge, passion and handwork interlock here to achieve the highest perfection of quality. Because of the extremely small brewing capacities in the monastery, the Benedictine Hell is produced under the supervision of the Ettal monks, under strict observance of the original Ettal recipe and under exclusive use of the original Ettal cellar yeast in the traditional Licher private brewery.

Master wort: 11.5 %
Alcohol: 5.0 vol.%

By the way: During the brew vigil the Benedictine monks check the quality of the wheat beers with the monk's glass.

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Inspired by the traditional brewing knowledge that Theodor König collected on his travels, this full-bodied, palatable cellar beer is brewed. Noble aromatic hops, special caramel malts and a long, cool maturation make our amber-coloured Zwickl a fine, mild, natural beer speciality. A bottom-fermented beer with a high malt content and few hops.

Master wort: 12.8 %
Alcohol: 5.3 vol.%

Benediktiner Weißbier

The top-fermented Klosterweißbier is specially brewed to obtain a drinkable but also hearty wheat beer. This special brewing method allows a particularly full and also very palatable wheat beer. The amber colour comes from the special malt, which also has a caramel- and character and other taste facets in the beer. This Benedictine wheat beer gets its turbidity from the fine yeast, which is an important flavour carrier for this type of beer. This top-fermented yeast gives the wheat beer a very fruity note, which is even said to remind of bananas. A special taste experience is the sweetness, which should enter a synergy with the finely bitter aroma of the hops.

Master wort: 12.7 %
Alcohol: 5.4 vol.%

By the way: During the brew vigil the Benedictine monks check the quality of the wheat beers with the monk's glass.

Köstritzer Schwarzbier

First-class, refined ingredients, a unique recipe and a passionate brewing tradition you can taste: Köstritzer Schwarzbier stands for perfection in enjoyment. And it's the only thing The malting barley is roasted to the finest roast malt, which gives the Köstritzer Schwarzbier its unique malt aroma and an incomparable character. The market leader in the segment of bottom-fermented, dark beers presents itself in a sparkling and elegant way and, with its strong colour and distinctive head, promises a beer experience of a special kind at first glance.

Master wort: 11.4 %
Alcohol: 4.8 vol.%

Craft Werk Holy Cowl

Auf den Spuren klösterlicher Braugeheimnisse konnten Braumeister Stefan keine Landesgrenzen abhalten. Als Fan belgischer Biere lag es für ihn nahe, sich auch einmal daran zu versuchen – natürlich nach dem deutschen Reinheitsgebot und mit zwei verschiedenen Hopfensorten im Gepäck. Das Ergebnis: Ein Belgian Style Tripel zum Niederknien und mit einem Alkoholgehalt von 9 % vol.

Anmutig und unschuldig steht es da: orange-goldener Honigmantel, dazu eine schöne Krone - cremefarben und fein. Der unglaubliche Duft dieses Tripels stellt jede Nase auf den Kopf. Er ist fruchtig und würzig mit Aromen von Limette, Blütenhonig, reifem Getreide und Gewürznelke. Balsamgleich mildern Bittertöne wie Salbei und Hopfen die starke Brise ab. Holy Cowl Tripel schmeckt würzig, spritzig und prickelnd! Wundersam schwerelos präsentiert sich auch das Aromenspektrum mit sanfter Malznote, bananiger Fruchtigkeit und einem frischen Hauch Zitrus. „Bittersweet“ klingt Holy Cowl am Gaumen ab, ein Bier, dessen Komplexität und Bestimmtheit dich niederknien lässt.

Master wort: 19,5 %
Alkohol: 9,0 Vol.%

Craft Werk Hop Head IPA

Our brewers are real "hop fanatics" - so it's no wonder that this creation comes with seven hop varieties. Inspired by his last trips to the west coast of the USA, master brewer Stefan has set a monument to his love for strongly hopped beers: Hop Head IPA. The intensively bitter combination with light chili note in the honest style of an American West Coast IPA - no trace of understatement, but a pleasure experience for all senses.

Strong appearance in deep gold with a light collar in cream. This IPA is a tribute to the American Way of IPA. You smell the fruits, the scent of papaya, passion fruit and lemon, in between orange peel, cloves and honey. Welcome to our hop world, my friend. The ultimate hop note will eventually make you mutate into a hop head. In the mouth lively and sparkling with a fantastic tingling sensation. Now this India Pale Ale plays out its full potential - with beguiling fruit, velvety sweetness and mysterious spices balanced by intense bitter tones. Hey folks, this is where tenderly bitter intensity meets wild exoticism! A beer with muscles, grace and depth. More IPA is not possible.

Master wort: 17.4 %
Alcohol: 8.0 vol.%


You know this: There's this melody that you pick up somewhere, that you can't let go of, that always creates a good mood and a lovely catchy tune. What for one is the good mood soundtrack is for our master brewer Stefan the Mandarina Bavaria - one of the newest hop varieties on the international market with a refined fruity taste. Tried once, never forgotten again. And that's why it quickly became clear that this ingredient had to be put in his cauldron. So for the pure enjoyment of the intense Mandarin notes, Craftwerk Brewing's Tangerine Dream Pale Ale is going to enter the ring as "Single Hop". That much is certain: with the finely sparkling blend of fruity taste and subtle pepper aroma, every sip will tempt you to dream...

The honey-golden Pale Ale has a foam like it should be in a glass: light, fine and light. The smell of this beer alone lives up to its name and lets your imagination run wild: you are lying in the middle of a ripe grain field and smell fresh mandarins and oranges. Tangerine Dream! The single Hop is multi-faceted and self-confident. But its great ego never comes at the expense of its lightness. Everything else than "pale" this ale has a fruity, hoppy taste. Imagine a freshly cut grapefruit, bittersweet herbs and a pinch of sweet maltiness. All this comes with a nice bitter note, cool and persistent, which brings a lot of dynamics into play.

Master wort: 12.4 %
Alcohol: 5.8 vol.%

Craft Werk Mad Callista

Mad Callista is a pleasant and uncomplicated session camp, refreshing and yet strong in character.

That's hop'n'roll! No matter if in the wave or in the rehearsal room - after a good session it's time for Mad Callista! This session camp is shimmering honey yellow with fine white foam in front of you. Thanks to the hop variety Callista it smells like a tropical fruit box on the alpine summer meadow - with mango, passion fruit, mandarin, orange blossom and aromas of freshly cut grass. You've got on, flashbacks of wave and sound: refreshing tangyness, fine tingling, slim body, pure fruit: Mangos meet ripe gooseberries directly on your palate. They go, but a hint of hops and malty sweetness remain. Harmonious and light - an irresistible fruit experience that will captivate you. Who´s mad now?

Master wort: 9.5 %
Alcohol: 3.9 vol.%

Craft Werk Dark Season

For the dark time of the year Stefan has come up with something very special. The result is a Sweet Stout - the perfect symphony of mild hopping, malty sweetness and pleasant roasting aromas.

This Sweet Stout brings a lot of light into dark days - summer and winter! Graceful as liquid dark chocolate with opal reflections, it stands in the glass, on top of it there is a light, fine creamy foam. In the air there is a fine scent of orange, pickled sweet cherries and green herb meadows. This is accompanied by melancholic aromas of dark chocolate, roasted chestnuts and coarse country bread. Then you drink. Sparks fly. Fruity aromas, malty sweetness and roasted notes clap the beat. This Sweet Stout is surprisingly sparkling, almost summery fresh. With strong aromas of coffee, caramel and a hint of hops, the dark Stout finally comes to an end - sweet, harmonious and slender. Now do you hear the fire crackle?

Master wort: 12.7 %
Alcohol: 5.6 vol.%